The effect of pH on the biomass yield of lettuce grown in an aquaponics system with Nile tilapia
作者: Reid D.
论文集英文名称: AGM Edmonton (2015)
来源数据库: Canadian Society for Bioengineering Conference
关键词: AquaponicspHlettucenitrificationNFT
原始语种摘要: There is a need for sustainable, efficient, and productive agricultural practices. Goals to improve these practices include reducing water consumption, increasing vegetable culture density, and maximizing livestock feed conversion efficiency. Aquaponics offers the potential to address these goals with intensive production of fish protein and vegetable biomass within one recirculating system. This study explores the relationship between pH and the biomass yield of lettuce (Lactuca sativa cv. Ridgeline Romaine) grown in an aquaponics system with Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). Optimal pH for aquaponics production has not been clearly established. Four treatments will be studied: a hydroponic control at pH 6.0, and three aquaponics units at pH 6.0, 7.0, and 8.0. Water within each 50L...
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  • biomass 生物量
  • lettuce 莴苣
  • aerated 充气的
  • aeration 充气
  • filtration 过滤
  • grown 生长
  • system 
  • relationship 关系
  • recirculating 循环
  • studied 学习