Rationalization of DC Power Transfer Limits for VSC Transmission
作者: J.Z. ZhouA.M. Gole
论文集英文名称: 11th IET International Conference on AC and DC Power Transmission
来源数据库: 外文会议
DOI: 10.1049/cp.2015.0081
关键词: DC power transmissionpower capacitorspower convertorspower factorreactive power
原始语种摘要: Earlier work on calculating maximum power curves (MPCs) and maximum available power (MAPs) for VSC converters was not consistent with the way it is done for LCC converters. This paper attempts to use an approach consistent with LCCs by using a The´venin voltage that is calculated to give 1.0 pu terminal voltage at rated power and unity power factor for the VSC. The MAP values calculated using this approach are considerably larger than those calculated using earlier approaches. The paper also discusses how the MAP is reduced when voltage limits for the VSC's internal voltage are considered. The paper also identifies problems with this consistent approach, as the The´venin voltage at low SCR can be significantly greater than 1.0 pu. In the LCC this apparent voltage is adjusted...

  • VSC Variable Speed Chopper
  • voltage 电压
  • Transfer 转运牌汽车
  • supplies 供给
  • venin 蛇毒
  • calculated 计算的
  • converter 转炉
  • Power 鲍尔铅基轴承合金
  • power 功率
  • consistent 可相容的