New on-line excitation-system ground-fault location method tested in a 106 MVA synchronous generator
作者: Blanquez, F.R.Pardo, M.Platero, C.A.Rebollo, E.Blazquez, F.
作者单位: Electrical Engineering Department of ETSII of the Technical University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain|c|
论文集英文名称: Electrical Machines (ICEM), 2014 International Conference on
来源数据库: IEEE会议论文
原始语种摘要: In this paper, a novel excitation-system ground-fault location method is described and tested in a 106 MVA synchronous machine. In this unit, numerous rotor ground-fault trips took place always about an hour after the synchronization to the network. However, when the field winding insulation was checked after the trips, there was no failure. The data indicated that the faults in the rotor were caused by centrifugal forces and temperature. Unexpectedly, by applying this new method, the failure was located in a cable between the excitation transformer and the automatic voltage regulator. In addition, several intentional ground faults were performed along the field winding with different fault resistance values, in order to test the accuracy of this method to locate defects in rotor windings...
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  • rotor 转子
  • fault 断层
  • synchronous 同时的
  • excitation 激发
  • tested 已试验的
  • location 定位
  • generator 振荡器发生器
  • ground 地面
  • method 方法
  • centrifugal 离心的