Validation study of the use of MATLAB/Simulink synchronous-machine block for accurate power-plant stability studies
作者: Blanquez, F.R.Revuelta, P.Rebollo, E.Platero, C.A.
作者单位: Electr. Eng. Dept., Polytech. Univ. of Madrid, Madrid, Spain|c|
论文集英文名称: Environment and Electrical Engineering (EEEIC), 2014 14th International Conference on
来源数据库: IEEE会议论文
原始语种摘要: This paper presents results of the validity study of the use of MATLAB/Simulink synchronous-machine block for power-system stability studies. Firstly, the waveforms of the theoretical synchronous-generator short-circuit currents are described. Thereafter, the comparison between the currents obtained through the simulation model in the sudden short-circuit test, are compared to the theoretical ones. Finally, the factory tests of two commercial generating units are compared to the response of the synchronous generator simulation block during sudden short-circuit, set with the same real data, with satisfactory results. This results show the validity of the use of this generator block for power plant simulation.
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  • synchronous 同时的
  • machine 机器
  • block 滑车
  • stability 稳定性
  • accurate 精确的
  • generator 振荡器发生器
  • circuit 电路
  • validity 有效
  • simulation 模拟
  • short 短的