Research on the architecture of Internet of Things
作者: Miao Wu Ting-Jie Lu Fei-Yang Ling Jing Sun Hui-Ying Du
论文集英文名称: Advanced Computer Theory and Engineering (ICACTE), 2010 3rd International Conference on
来源数据库: IEEE会议论文
DOI: 10.1109/ICACTE.2010.5579493
原始语种摘要: The Internet of Things is a technological revolution that represents the future of computing and communications. It is not the simple extension of the Internet or the Telecommunications Network. It has the features of both the Internet and the Telecommunications Network, and also has its own distinguishing feature. Through analysing the current accepted three-layer structure of the Internet of things, we suggest that the three-layer structure can't express the whole features and connotation of the Internet of Things. After reanalysing the technical framework of the Internet and the Logical Layered Architecture of the Telecommunication Management Network, we establish new five-layer architecture of the Internet of Things. We believe this architecture is more helpful to understand the...
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  • features 鐗瑰緛
  • computing 璁$畻
  • understand 鐞嗚В
  • Network 缃戠粶
  • connotation 鍐呮兜
  • distinguishing 鍒ゅ埆