Ability evaluation based web service selection in task collaboration
作者: Xu Qiang Huiqi Zhao Zhang Bo
论文集英文名称: Computer Science and Service System (CSSS), 2011 International Conference on
来源数据库: IEEE会议论文
DOI: 10.1109/CSSS.2011.5974964
原始语种摘要: Web service collaboration is a feasible solution for complicated task resolving. To reach high performance collaboration, sponsor requires competent participants. In this article, we propose an ability evaluation based selection methodology for candidate web services. The ability of web service can be evaluated from four aspects: time, resource, goal and quality. We first propose the formal semantic descriptions of both web service ability and task. Then, the evaluation methods of time, resource, goal and quality are addressed, and the comprehensive ability evaluation is calculated through above four aspects' evaluation. Furthermore, service selection process, which is consists of three stages: task publishing, ability evaluation and service negotiation, is presented. Finally, examination...
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  • evaluation 璇勪环
  • selection 閫夋嫨
  • ability 鑳藉姏
  • service 鏈嶅姟
  • quality 鍝佽川
  • addressed 鏀朵俊鍦板潃
  • collaboration 鍗忎綔
  • reach 娌冲尯