Next Generation EW - Part 5: Next-Generation Systems
作者: Dave Adamy
刊名: Journal of Electronic Defense, 2018, Vol.41 (3)
来源数据库: ProQuest Journal
原始语种摘要: A range of new weapons developed by the West's most sophisticated potential adversaries is discussed, citing that western military forces have been involved in conflicts with less sophisticated enemies who are equipped with earlier-generation weapon systems. The new-generation weapons will include long-range surface-to-air systems (SAMs), shorter-range SAMs, radar-directed anti-aircraft guns, antiship missiles, and infrared missiles. Outlined are the ways double-digit SAMs have affected electronic warfare operations, including the longer lethal range dictates that stand-off jamming must be performed from significantly longer ranges, home-on-jam makes onboard self-protection jamming practically suicidal and allows effective attack against distant stand-off jammers, and side-lobe...
全文获取路径: ProQuest  (合作)

  • generation 世代
  • practically 事实上
  • weapons 武器
  • stand 
  • jamming 干扰
  • military 军事的
  • sophisticated 复杂
  • range 射程
  • blanking 熄灭
  • longer 较长纵堆装法