Spatiotemporal Variability and Sources of DIC in Permafrost Catchments of the Yangtze River Source Region: Insights From Stable Carbon Isotope and Water Chemistry
作者: Chunlin SongGenxu WangTianxu MaoKewei HuangXiangyang SunZhaoyong HuRuiying ChangXiaopeng ChenPeter A Raymond
刊名: Water Resources Research, 2020, Vol.56 (1)
来源数据库: ProQuest Journal
原始语种摘要: Riverine dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) exports play a central role in the regional and global carbon cycles. Here, we investigated the spatiotemporal variability and sources of DIC in eight catchments in the Yangtze River source region (YRSR) with variable permafrost coverage and seasonally thawed active layers. The YRSR catchments are DIC‐rich (averagely 25 mg C L−1) and export 3.51 g m−2 yr−1 of DIC. The seasonal changes of temperature, active layer, flow path, and discharge can alter DIC and stable carbon isotope of DIC ( δ 13C‐DIC). The most depleted δ 13C‐DIC values were found in the thawed period, suggesting the soil‐respired CO2 during the active layer thaw period can promote bicarbonate production via H2CO3 weathering. Spatially, δ 13C‐DIC...
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