New EA Techniques (Part 13): Burn-Through Modes, Frequency Agility and PRF Jitter
作者: Dave Adamy
刊名: Journal of Electronic Defense, 2020, Vol.43 (2)
来源数据库: ProQuest Journal
原始语种摘要: Adamy discusses new electronic attack (EA) techniques. "Burn through" refers to a radar being able to reacquire a signal in the presence of jamming - the radar is said to "burn through" the jamming. In self-protection jamming, the jammer is located on the target and jams into the boresight of the target radar. The burn-through equation gives the maximum range from the radar to the jammer at which the jammer can protect the target. In order to jam a radar, the jammer must either jam a broad frequency range or measure the radar's specific operating frequency(ies) and jam that. If the radar has a fixed-frequency, the frequency of one received pulse will be the same as that for subsequent pulses. Thus, the jammer can place all of its power within the receiver bandwidth of the radar for...
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  • radar 雷达
  • jamming 干扰
  • jammer 干扰发射机
  • frequency 频率
  • target 目标
  • bandwidth 带宽
  • maximum 最大值
  • presence 存在
  • range 射程
  • received 接收