LA-A*24 Carrier Status and Autoantibody Surges Posttransplantation Associate With Poor Functional Outcome in Recipients of an Islet Allograft
作者: Simke DemeesterElse M BalkeBart J Van der AuweraPieter GillardRobert HilbrandsDaHae LeeUrsule Van de VeldeZhidong LingBart O RoepDaniel G PipeleersFrans K GorusBart Keymeulen
刊名: Diabetes Care, 2016, Vol.39 (6)
来源数据库: ProQuest Journal
原始语种摘要: We investigated whether changes in islet autoantibody profile and presence of HLA risk markers, reported to predict rapid β-cell loss in pre-type 1 diabetes, associate with poor functional outcome in islet allograft recipients. Forty-one patients received ≥2.3 million β-cells/kg body wt in one to two intraportal implantations. Outcome after 6-18 months was assessed by C-peptide (random and stimulated), insulin dose, and HbA^sub 1c^. Patients carrying HLA-A*24-positive or experiencing a significant autoantibody surge within 6 months after the first transplantation (n = 19) had lower C-peptide levels (P ≤ 0.003) and higher insulin needs (P < 0.001) despite higher HbA^sub 1c^ levels (P ≤ 0.018). They became less often insulin independent (16% vs. 68%, P = 0.002) and remained less often...
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