Nordic White-Color Crush/Palette
刊名: House Beautiful, 2017, Vol.158 (9), pp.0015-0017
来源数据库: ProQuest Journal
原始语种摘要: Producer Benjamin reynaert Photographer Stuart Tyson/Studio D Section Editor Kathleen Renda [Photograph]: Studio D/Lara Robby [Photograph]: Studio D/Lara Robby Color [Photograph]: Getty Images Palette Northern Exposure A hush descends as snow-fogged conifers in British Columbia disappear into a winter storm, the hazy colors offering ideas for serene bedroom hues. Must be a legal resident of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, or Canada who has reached the age of majority in his or her state, territory, or province at time of entry.
全文获取路径: ProQuest  (合作)

  • serene 晴朗的
  • colors 颜料
  • disappear 消失
  • bedroom 卧室
  • territory 领土
  • offering 报价
  • legal 正当的
  • fogged 有灰雾的
  • resident 驻留的
  • storm 暴风