Synthesis of Flower-Like ZnO Micro/Nano Structures by the Spray Pyrolysis Technique
作者: Shadia J Ikhmayies
刊名: JOM, 2020, Vol.72 (2), pp.621-627
来源数据库: ProQuest Journal
原始语种摘要: Flower-like zinc oxide (ZnO) micro-/nano-structures are synthesized as thin films on glass substrates by the spray pyrolysis technique at a substrate temperature of 350 ± 5°C. The films are characterized using x-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and x-ray energy dispersion spectroscopy (EDS). Absorbance spectra (UV-Vis) and ImageJ software is used for size analysis. The XRD diffractogram revealed that the films have a hexagonal (wurtzite) phase with preferential orientation along the (002) line. SEM images showed that the films have a micro/nano flower-like structure. EDS spectra revealed that the films contain chlorine in addition to zinc and oxygen. Absorbance measurements were used to estimate the band gap energies, which were found to be larger than the bulk...
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  • microscopy 显微镜检查
  • diffractogram 衍射图
  • hexagonal 六角形的
  • wurtzite 纤维锌矿
  • diffraction 衍射
  • films 薄膜
  • preferential 优惠
  • spray 喷雾
  • pyrolysis 加热分解
  • orientation 定向