Porosity-Based Design and Finite-Element Analysis of Self-Lubricating Chromium-Free Passivation Film
作者: Zheng-Jun ShenYan LinYan-Nan ZhangJu RongXiao-Hua YuZhao-Lin Zhan
刊名: JOM, 2020, Vol.72 (2), pp.658-664
来源数据库: ProQuest Journal
原始语种摘要: The porosity of a self-lubricating chromium-free passivation film is evaluated by means of a novel finite element model and structural parameter, λ (λ represents the porosity of passive film). The applicability of this equivalent model is validated via thin-film thermocouple measurements and laser interferometry. Our results revealed that the roughness of the film can be improved by a lubricating filler. A value of λ = 0.25 yielded the optimal friction and wear characteristics of the self-lubricating chromium-free passivation film. This optimal condition corresponded to temperature values and stress values of 77.99°C (theoretical) and 81.24°C (experimental), and 1.67 × 105 Pa (theoretical) and 1.65 × 105 Pa (experimental), respectively. The close correspondence between the experimental...
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  • values 价值观
  • applicability 适用性
  • chromium 
  • lubricating 润滑
  • theoretical 理论的
  • porosity 孔隙率
  • respectively 分别
  • optimal 最佳的
  • correspondence 通信
  • thermocouple 热电偶