The Establishment and Application of a Labor Quality Index: The Case of Taiwan’s Manufacturing Industry
作者: Gee SanTung-Chun HuangLi-Hsuan Huang
作者单位: 1Graduate Institute of Industrial Economics and the Department of Economics, National Central University
2Department of Economics, National Central University
3Graduate Institute of Human Resource Management, National Central University
刊名: Social Indicators Research, 2006, Vol.79 (1), pp.61-96
来源数据库: Springer Journal
DOI: 10.1007/s11205-005-0210-1
关键词: indicatorlabor quality indexmanufacturingTaiwan
英文摘要: Abstract(#br)The labor quality index (LQI) not only serves as an important reference for monitoring the progress of the sustainable development of a country, but it can also serve as an important parameter for economic analysis. To compile such an index for Taiwan, we conducted two large-scale surveys of 1000 major enterprises and 844 union leaders, respectively, to determine the appropriate weights for each key factor. We also searched for all the relevant statistics that were used to calculate the weighted sum of the 25 sub-indexes, in order to compile a LQI for Taiwan’s manufacturing industries covering the period from 1990-2000. Our calculations show that this LQI rose from 80.2 in 1990 to 117.5 in 2000, which reflected an impressive 37.3% increase in just one decade. This rate of...
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