The genetics of Tropaeolum majus . II
作者: Eileen Sutton
作者单位: 1John Innes Horticultural Institution
刊名: Journal of Genetics, 1939, Vol.38 (1-2), pp.161-176
来源数据库: Springer Nature Journal
DOI: 10.1007/BF02982169
英文摘要: 7. Summary(#br)1. A description is given of the inheritance and effects in Tropaeolum majus of three new genes ( N, M, T ), of the genes K and L , and of a factor causing abnormal ratios for the gene B .(#br)2. The results of two-factor segregations are tabulated.(#br)3. The physiology of two forms of genetic doubleness is discussed.(#br)4. An account is given of the biochemical work of Miss Scott Moncrieff and Mr Price on the flower-colours.(#br)5. The interactions of the gene C and the grouping of genes in pairs are considered. There is some evidence that Tropaeolum majus is a tetraploid.
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