Alveolar soft part sarcoma—radiologic patterns in children and adolescents
作者: Flore ViryDaniel OrbachJerzy KlijanienkoPaul FréneauxGaelle PierronJean MichonSylvia NeuenschwanderHervé J. Brisse
作者单位: 1Department of Radiology, Institut Curie
2Department of Paediatric Oncology, Institut Curie
3Department of Pathology, Institut Curie
4Unit of Somatic Genetics, Institut Curie
刊名: Pediatric Radiology, 2013, Vol.43 (9), pp.1174-1181
来源数据库: Springer Nature Journal
DOI: 10.1007/s00247-013-2667-4
关键词: Alveolar soft part sarcomaChildSarcomaMRIChromosomal translocationTFE3 protein
英文摘要: Abstract(#br) Background(#br)Alveolar soft part sarcoma is a rare but highly malignant tumour and little is known about its radiologic pattern in children.(#br) Objective(#br)To describe the radiologic features of alveolar soft part sarcoma in children and adolescents.(#br) Materials and methods(#br)We retrospectively analysed the clinical and imaging data of six children age 7–17 years at diagnosis, with histologically or genetically proven alveolar soft part sarcoma.(#br) Results(#br)The tumours were located deep within muscles of the limbs ( n = 4), in chest wall muscle ( n = 1) and in the orbit ( n = 1). High-flow feeding arteries, large drainage veins and intense enhancement were consistent findings by all imaging modalities. At MRI, all tumours demonstrated high signal intensity on...
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  • sarcoma 肉瘤
  • radiologic 放射性的
  • children 子女