Effect of S20787, a novel Cl − -HCO 3 − exchange inhibitor, on intracellular pH regulation in guinea pig ventricular myocytes
作者: Shih-Hurng LohChien-Sung TsaiCheng-I LinJong-Shiaw JinRichard D. Vaughan-Jones
作者单位: 1Department of Pharmacology, National Defense Medical Center
2Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, National Defense Medical Center
3Department of Physiology, National Defense Medical Center
4University Laboratory of Physiology, University of Oxford
刊名: Journal of Biomedical Science, 2001, Vol.8 (5), pp.395-405
来源数据库: Springer Nature Journal
DOI: 10.1007/BF02255948
关键词: S20787Anion exchangeIntracellular pHCardiac myocytesNa + -H + exchangeNa + -HCO 3 − co-transportCl − -HCO 3 − exchangeCl − -OH − exchangeMonocarboxylic acid transporter
英文摘要: Abstract(#br)S20787 has recently been proposed to be a selective Cl − -HCO 3 − anion exchange (AE) inhibitor in rat cardiomyocytes. The AE transporter mediates sarcolemmal acid influx but is only one part of the cardiac cell's dual acid loading mechanism, the other part being a sarcolemmal Cl − -OH − exchanger (CHE). We have therefore (1) investigated the differential effects of S20787 on the AE and CHE transporters in isolated guinea pig ventricular myocytes and (2) re-examined the influence of the drug on other sarcolemmal acid transporters by monitoring its effect on intracellular pH (pH i ) recovery from alkali or acid loads. The pH i was measured using microspectro-fluorimetry (carboxy-SNARF-1). The results indicate that CHE activity was unaffected by the drug (1–20 µ M ), whereas up...
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  • guinea 畿尼
  • regulation 
  • novel 长篇小说
  • intracellular 胞内的
  • inhibitor 抑制剂
  • exchange 交换
  • ventricular 室的