Formation age and tectonic environment of the Gantaohe Group, North China Craton: Geology, geochemistry, SHRIMP zircon geochronology and Hf-Nd isotopic systematics
作者: HangQiang XieDunYi LiuXiaoYan YinHongYing ZhouChongHui YangLiLin DuYuSheng Wan
作者单位: 1Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences
2Beijing SHRIMP Center, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences
3Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences
4Tianjin Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources, China Geological Survey
刊名: Chinese Science Bulletin, 2012, Vol.57 (36), pp.4735-4745
来源数据库: Springer Nature Journal
DOI: 10.1007/s11434-012-5482-7
关键词: Gantaohe GroupSHRIMP zircon datinggeochemistryPaleoproterozoiccontinental riftNorth China CratonTrans North China Orogen
英文摘要: Abstract(#br)The Gantaohe Group is an important early Precambrian unit in the Trans-North China Orogen, North China Craton, and is mainly composed of greenschist-facies metabasalt, meta-sandstone and dolomitic marble. We report whole-rock geochemical compositions and SHRIMP zircon ages as well as LA-ICP-MS Hf-in-zircon isotopeic analyses for metabasalts from the Gantaohe Group. SHRIMP dating yielded a weighted mean 207 Pb/ 206 Pb age of 2087±16 Ma (MSWD=1.3) for magmatic zircons, but there are also abundant ca. 2.5 Ga inherited zircon xenocrysts. The magmatic zircons shows a large ɛ Hf ( t ) variation in ɛ Hf ( t ) from −7.17 to +0.45, suggesting an isotopically highly heterogeneous source for the metabasalt. Chemically all samples show no distinct Zr or Hf anomalies, and some samples...
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  • geochemistry 地球化学
  • geochronology 地质年代学
  • zircon 锆石
  • tectonic 构造的
  • isotopic 同位素置换
  • environment 环境
  • systematics 分类学
  • China 中国