Could serum β-hCG levels and gestational age be the indicative factors for the prediction of the degree of trophoblastic invasion into tubal wall in unruptured ampullary pregnancies?
作者: Emre Niyazi TurgutEbru CelikSerdar CelikDeniz Cemgil ArikanHuseyin AltuntasCem LeblebiciSevim PurisaRamazan Dansuk
作者单位: 1Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Istanbul Education and Research Hospital
2Medical Faculty, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Kahramanmaras Sutcuimam University
3Department of Pathology, Istanbul Education and Research Hospital
4Department of Biostatistics, Istanbul Medical Faculty, University of Istanbul
刊名: Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 2013, Vol.287 (2), pp.323-328
来源数据库: Springer Nature Journal
DOI: 10.1007/s00404-012-2566-1
关键词: Serum β-hCGAmpullary pregnancyTrophoblastic infiltrationGestational age
原始语种摘要: Abstract(#br) Objective(#br)To evaluate the predictive value of gestational age and maternal serum β-hCG concentration for the determination of the depth of trophoblastic invasion into the tubal wall.(#br) Methods(#br)This is a retrospective trial conducted on women with a diagnosis of ampullary pregnancy (71) who were submitted to salpingectomy. Serum β-hCG measurements were obtained at the initial admission of hospital. Histological investigation was performed by a single well-experienced pathologist who was blind to the clinical and laboratory characteristics of the patients. Ampullary pregnancy was classified histologically according to the depth of trophoblastic infiltration into tubal wall: trophoblast limited to the tubal mucosa (stage I), extended to muscularis layer (stage II)...
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  • trophoblastic 滋养层的
  • indicative 象征
  • gestational 妊娠期的
  • tubal 管的
  • invasion 侵入
  • prediction 预报
  • degree