Numerical Simulation of MIG Weld Pool in Switchback Welding
作者: Yasuyoshi KanekoSatoshi YamaneKenji Oshima
作者单位: 1Saitama University
刊名: Welding in the World, 2009, Vol.53 (11-12), pp.R333-R341
来源数据库: Springer Journal
DOI: 10.1007/BF03263476
关键词: Arc weldingComputationFinite element analysisGMA weldingMIG weldingOne sided weldingProcess conditionsReference lists
英文摘要: Abstract(#br)The authors proposed a switchback welding method to make stable back beads in the first layer weld during one-side multi-layer welding. In the proposed welding method, a welding torch is moved backwards and forwards like a switchback. The torch motion is important in the control of the weld pool. In this paper, the influence of the torch motion on the weld pool shape is investigated in order to find the optimum welding parameters. Firstly, fundamental welding experiments were carried out in thin plate one-side butt welding to determine the parameters of numerical simulation. Secondly, a simple numerical model for switchback welding was constructed and a heat conduction analysis was carried out, to investigate the effect of the travel speed and backward stroke distance of the...
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