The entrepreneur's ‘resource potential’ and the organic square of entrepreneurship: definition and application to the French case
作者: Dimitri UzunidisSophie BoutillierBlandine Laperche
作者单位: 1Research Unit on Industry and Innovation/ CLERSE-CNRS (UMR 8019), Research Network on Innovation, University Littoral Côte d’Opale
刊名: Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2014, Vol.3 (1), pp.1-17
来源数据库: Springer Nature Journal
DOI: 10.1186/2192-5372-3-1
关键词: EntrepreneurResource potentialOrganic square of entrepreneurshipFrench entrepreneur
英文摘要: Abstract(#br)The aim of this conceptual paper is to study the origin of the entrepreneur's function. We examine the construction of the entrepreneur's ‘resource potential’ (the set of knowledge, relations and financial resources gathered together by the entrepreneur) and the role of the socio-economic background in this matter. The ‘organic square of entrepreneurship’ (resource potential, market, economic organization and public policy) links the individual characteristics of the entrepreneur and the environmental factors to explain entrepreneurship. It is also a tool to study entrepreneurship in different social, economic and political context. We illustrate this role through the analysis of the French case, which reveals the assets and limits of the entrepreneurial context. We...
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  • 正方形 有机的
  • entrepreneur 承包人
  • French 法语法国的法语的
  • resource 资源
  • potential 
  • definition 清晰度
  • organic 有机的
  • square 有机的
  • application 申请