Introduction of Zr in nanometric periodic Mg/Co multilayers
作者: K. Le GuenM.-H. HuJ.-M. AndréP. JonnardS. K. ZhouH. C. LiJ. T. ZhuZ. S. WangN. MahneA. GigliaS. Nannarone
作者单位: 1UPMC Univ Paris 06, CNRS UMR 7614
2Tongji University
3Istituto Officina dei Materiali IOM-CNR Laboratorio TASC
刊名: Applied Physics A, 2011, Vol.102 (1), pp.69-77
来源数据库: Springer Journal
DOI: 10.1007/s00339-010-6093-2
英文摘要: Abstract(#br)We study the introduction of a third material, namely Zr, within a nanometric periodic Mg/Co structure designed to work as optical component in the extreme UV (EUV) spectral range. Mg/Co, Mg/Zr/Co, Mg/Co/Zr and Mg/Zr/Co/Zr multilayers are designed, and then characterized in terms of structural quality and optical performances through X-ray and EUV reflectometry measurements, respectively. For the Mg/Co/Zr structure, the reflectance value is equal to 50% at 25.1 nm and 45° of grazing incidence and reaches 51.3% upon annealing at 200°C. Measured EUV reflectivity values of tri-layered systems are discussed in terms of material order within a period and compared to the predictions of the theoretical model of Larruquert. Possible applications are pointed out.
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