Influence of calcinated and non calcinated nanobioglass particles on hardness and bioactivity of sol–gel-derived TiO<sub>2</sub>–SiO<sub>2</sub> nano composite coatings on stainless steel substrates
作者: Mohammad Saleh DadashSaeed KarbasiMojtaba Nasr EsfahaniMohammad Reza EbrahimiHojatollah Vali
作者单位: 1Islamic Azad University-Najafabad Branch
2Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
3McGill University
刊名: Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, 2011, Vol.22 (4), pp.829-838
来源数据库: Springer Nature Journal
DOI: 10.1007/s10856-011-4270-2
英文摘要: Abstract(#br)Thick films of calcinated and non calcinated nanobioglass (NBG)-titania composite coatings were prepared on stainless steel substrates by alkoxide sol–gel process. Dip-coating method was used for the films preparation. The morphology, structure and composition of the nano composite films were evaluated using environmental scanning electron microscope, X-ray diffraction and Fourier transform infrared spectroscope. The SEM investigation results showed that prepared thick NBG-titania films are smooth and free of macrocracking, fracture or flaking. The grain size of these films was uniform and nano scale (50–60 nm) which confirmed with TEM. Also FTIR confirmed the presence of Si–O–Si bands on the calcinated NBG-titania films. The hardness of the prepared films...
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  • stainless 不锈的
  • sub 分段
  • hardness 硬度
  • steel 
  • composite 复合的
  • bioactivity 生物活性
  • derived 导生的