A comparative study of two liquid-based preparation methods: membrane-based and sedimentation in fine needle aspiration cytology diagnosis in thyroid nodules
作者: Juan ZhaoXiaofei YaoChunjiao SongCheng Wang
作者单位: 1Department of Pathology, Shaoxing People’s Hospital (Shaoxing Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine), No. 568 Zhongxing North Road, 312000, Shaoxing, China
2Medical Research Centre, Shaoxing People’s Hospital (Shaoxing Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine), 312000, Shaoxing, China
刊名: World Journal of Surgical Oncology, 2020, Vol.18 (1), pp.525-530
来源数据库: Springer Nature Journal
DOI: 10.1186/s12957-020-1787-1
关键词: Membrane-based liquid-based preparation techniqueSedimentation liquid-based preparation techniqueThyroid fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC)Papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC)
英文摘要: Abstract(#br)Background(#br)As thyroid fine needle aspiration (FNA) shows a certain limitation in the diagnosis of conventional smears, novel approaches like liquid-based cytology (LBC) have been gradually applied recently. Studies have shown the difference between the conventional smears (CSs) and liquid-based smears on fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) diagnosis, but the impacts of different liquid-based preparation (LBP) methods, including membrane-based and sedimentation, on diagnosis are still not clear. In this study, the effects of liquid-based smears prepared by different methods on the cytological interpretation were studied. Methods(#br)A total of 221 thyroid liquid-based FNAC cases from January 2017 to October 2018 were collected. We retrospectively studied and compared...
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