Syntactic-level integration and display of multiple domains’ S-100-based data for e-navigation
作者: Daewon ParkSuhyun Park
作者单位: 1ONE Data Technology Co., Ltd.
2Dongseo University
刊名: Cluster Computing, 2017, Vol.20 (1), pp.721-730
来源数据库: Springer Nature Journal
DOI: 10.1007/s10586-017-0754-2
关键词: Data integrationSyntactic-level interoperabilityDisplay of multiple domains’ dataS-100-based dataE-Navigation
原始语种摘要: In the maritime field, interest in the utilization of multiple and various domains’ data for provision of relevant, accurate and timely information ensuring the safety and security of navigation at sea has been growing. Discussion, for example, of the implementation of e-navigation, a new maritime service paradigm introduced by the International Maritime Organization, is ongoing. E-navigation enables and facilitates the on- and off-shore exchange, sharing and utilization of marine and marine-related domains’ data in support of users’ decision-making. For consistent exchange and sharing of marine and marine-related data in the e-navigation environment, the International Hydrographic Organization’s S-100 has been adopted as the baseline of the common maritime data structure. S-100 provides...
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  • level 水准
  • navigation 航行
  • multiple 多次的
  • integration 集成
  • based 基于
  • information 报告
  • display 显示
  • integrate 积分
  • provide 规定
  • syntactic 语法