Optimized IoT service placement in the fog
作者: Olena SkarlatMatteo NardelliStefan SchulteMichael BorkowskiPhilipp Leitner
作者单位: 1TU Wien
2University of Rome Tor Vergata
3Chalmers University of Technology
刊名: Service Oriented Computing and Applications, 2017, Vol.11 (4), pp.427-443
来源数据库: Springer Nature Journal
DOI: 10.1007/s11761-017-0219-8
关键词: Fog computingService placementResource provisioningInternet of ThingsQuality of service
原始语种摘要: The Internet of Things (IoT) leads to an ever-growing presence of ubiquitous networked computing devices in public, business, and private spaces. These devices do not simply act as sensors, but feature computational, storage, and networking resources. Being located at the edge of the network, these resources can be exploited to execute IoT applications in a distributed manner. This concept is known as fog computing. While the theoretical foundations of fog computing are already established, there is a lack of resource provisioning approaches to enable the exploitation of fog-based computational resources. To resolve this shortcoming, we present a conceptual fog computing framework. Then, we model the service placement problem for IoT applications over fog resources as an optimization...
全文获取路径: Springer Nature  (合作)

  • provisioning 物资供应
  • networking 连网
  • computing 计算
  • service 服务
  • ubiquitous 同时普遍存在的
  • optimization 最佳化
  • placement 浇注
  • computational 计算的
  • resources 资源
  • communication 通信