A Design and its Validation of a Proton Recoil Telescope with a Silicon Detector for Measurements of Fast Neutrons
作者: Cheolmin HamVivek Raghunath ChavanSang-In BakChungbo ShimDalho MoonYangkyu KimKyung Yuk ChaeTae-Sun ParkSeung-Woo HongHanwool JooHyeonseo Park
作者单位: 1Department of Energy Science, Sungkyunkwan University
2Department of Physics, Sungkyunkwan University
3Department of Physics and Astronomy, Seoul National University
4Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science
刊名: Journal of the Korean Physical Society, 2018, Vol.73 (3), pp.271-277
来源数据库: Springer Nature Journal
DOI: 10.3938/jkps.73.271
关键词: Neutron detectorProton recoil telescopeMonte Carlo simulationPHITSSilicon detectorD-D generator
英文摘要: Abstract(#br)A silicon detector combined with a thin polyethylene converter and a collimator is designed as a simple proton recoil telescope (PRT) detector for detecting 2.45 MeV neutrons from a D-D neutron generator. Monte Carlo simulations are performed for a quantitative optimization of the geometrical parameters of the detector that determine the statistics and the spectrum of recoil protons. On the basis of the optimized geometry, a 15 μm polyethylene converter and a 2.5 mm thick stainless steel collimator are chosen for the design of a PRT. A test experiment is done by using 2.45 MeV neutrons from a D-D generator at the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science. Energy calibration of the silicon detector is done by using proton beams from the MC-50 cyclotron at the Korea...
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