Effects of selenizing modification on characteristics and antioxidant activities of Inonotus obliquus polysaccharide
作者: Yang HuShanyi ShiLu LuChunying TengSumei YuXin WangMin YuJinsong LiangJuanjuan Qu
作者单位: 1Northeast Agricultural University
2Tsinghua University
3Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine
刊名: Macromolecular Research, 2017, Vol.25 (3), pp.222-230
来源数据库: Springer Nature Journal
DOI: 10.1007/s13233-017-5030-z
关键词: Selenizing modificationInonotus obliquus polysaccharideAntioxidant activity
原始语种摘要: Excessive reactive oxygen species is implicated in the etiology and pathology of many acute and chronic diseases. Selenium acts as an antioxidant and stimulates the creation of more antioxidants. Selenizing modification polysaccharides potentiate the physiological and pharmacological activities of selenium and polysaccharide. In this study, Inonotus obliquus polysaccharide (IOP) extracted from cultured mycelia was modified into Se-IOP by HNO3-Na2SeO3 method. The characteristics and antioxidant activity of IOP and Se-IOP were comparatively investigated. The result showed that polysaccharide content of purified IOP was 98.9%. The selenium content of Se-IOP was 0.71 mg/g. Both IOP and Se-IOP were homogeneous polysaccharides with a molecular weight of 37.354...
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  • polysaccharide 多糖类
  • antioxidant 抗氧化剂
  • modification 诱发变异
  • picryl 苦基
  • superoxide 过氧化物
  • scavenging 扫气
  • radical 
  • selenium 
  • GSH 谷胱甘肽
  • chromatogram 色谱图