Effect of Ball Milling Time on Microstructure and Hardness of Porous Magnesium/Carbon Nanofiber Composites
作者: Huiru XuNing ZouQizhen Li
作者单位: 1Washington State University
刊名: JOM, 2017, Vol.69 (7), pp.1236-1243
来源数据库: Springer Nature Journal
DOI: 10.1007/s11837-017-2361-3
关键词: Ball MillingAverage Pore SizeCarbon NanofibersNanofiber CompositePowder Size
原始语种摘要: Porous magnesium/carbon nanofiber composites were produced using a powder metallurgic method to study the effect of ball milling time on their microstructure and hardness. Three ball milling times (240 min, 320 min, and 480 min) and two carbon nanofiber concentrations (0.05% and 1%) were utilized in the production of these porous composites. The increase of ball milling time led to the gradual decrease of the average size of magnesium powders from the initial 40 µm to about 26 µm after 480 min of ball milling. The powder size range first increased with the increase of ball milling time from 240 min to 320 min, and then decreased with the further increase of ball milling time to 480 min. Among the three ball milling times, the produced porous composites from the powders after 320 min of...
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  • porous 多孔的
  • hardness 硬度
  • milling 捏炼
  • composites 菊科植物
  • powders 粉料
  • processing 加工
  • perpendicular 正交的
  • magnesium 
  • compact 紧的
  • sections 型材