Fighting and Stinging Responses are Affected by a Dopamine Receptor Blocker Flupenthixol in Honey Bee Virgin Queens
作者: Sayed Ibrahim FarkharyKen SasakiShinya HayashiKen-ichi HaranoSatoshi KoyamaToshiyuki Satoh
作者单位: 1Gifu University
2Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
3Tamagawa University
刊名: Journal of Insect Behavior, 2017, Vol.30 (6), pp.717-727
来源数据库: Springer Nature Journal
DOI: 10.1007/s10905-017-9650-0
关键词: Honey beeVirgin queenDopamineFightAggressionStinging
原始语种摘要: Fighting and aggression are important tasks for self-preservation in animals. In honey bees, virgin queens fight against each other for survival in a monogynous colony. Because the virgin queens have higher levels of dopamine (DA) in the brain than do mated queens with low aggressiveness, DA may promote fighting and aggression behaviours of virgin queens. In the present study, we investigated the effect of DA on the fighting and stinging response of honey bee virgin queens. We injected two concentrations (10−3 M and 10−2 M) of DA and the DA receptor blocker flupenthixol into the abdomen of one-day-old virgin queens and observed fighting and stinging responses. DA injection did not affect fighting and stinging. Injections of 10−3 M flupenthixol decreased...
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  • fighting 交战engagement
  • flupenthixol 三氟噻吨
  • virgin 空白的
  • honey 蜂蜜
  • Honey 蜂蜜
  • stinging 有针剌的
  • monogynous 一妻制的
  • Virgin 室女座
  • blockade 封闭
  • dopamine 多巴胺