The FAST Satellite Fields Instrument
作者: R.E. ErgunC.W. CarlsonF.S. MozerG.T. DeloryM. TemerinJ.P. McFaddenD. PankowR. AbiadP. HarveyR. WilkesH. PrimbschR. ElphicR. StrangewayR. PfaffC.A. Cattell
作者单位: 1Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California
2Los Alamos National Laboratory
3University of California
4Goddard Space Flight Center
5University of Minnesota
刊名: Space Science Reviews, 2001, Vol.98 (1-2), pp.67-91
来源数据库: Springer Nature Journal
DOI: 10.1023/A:1013131708323
英文摘要: Abstract(#br)We describe the electric field sensors and electric and magnetic field signal processing on the FAST (Fast Auroral SnapshoT) satellite. The FAST satellite was designed to make high time resolution observations of particles and electromagnetic fields in the auroral zone to study small-scale plasma interactions in the auroral acceleration region. The DC and AC electric fields are measured with three-axis dipole antennas with 56 m, 8 m, and 5 m baselines. A three-axis flux-gate magnetometer measures the DC magnetic field and a three-axis search coil measures the AC magnetic field. A central signal processing system receives all signals from the electric and magnetic field sensors. Spectral coverage is from DC to ∼4 MHz. There are several types of processed data. Survey data are...
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