Use of medical administrative data for the surveillance of psychotic disorders in France
作者: Christine Chan CheeFrancis ChinCatherine HaNathalie BeltzerChristophe Bonaldi
作者单位: 1Direction of Non Communicable Diseases and Trauma, French National Public Health Agency
刊名: BMC Psychiatry, 2017, Vol.17 (1)
来源数据库: Springer Nature Journal
DOI: 10.1186/s12888-017-1555-0
关键词: Psychotic disordersMedical administrative databasesMethodologyFrancePrevalence
原始语种摘要: Psychotic disorders are among the most severe psychiatric disorders that have great effects on the individuals and the society. For surveillance of chronic low prevalence conditions such as psychotic disorders, medical administrative databases can be useful due to their large coverage of the population, their continuous availability and low costs with possibility of linkage between different databases. The aims of this study are to identify the population with psychotic disorders by different algorithms based on the French medical administrative data and examine the prevalence and characteristics of this population in 2014.
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  • 有效度 他们的
  • psychotic 精神病患者
  • administrative 行政的
  • surveillance 监视
  • medical 医学
  • France 法国法郎
  • psychiatric 精神病的
  • population 母体
  • linkage 连接
  • their 他们的
  • availability 他们的