Mapping the journey: visualising collaborative experiences for sustainable design education
作者: Muireann McMahonTracy Bhamra
作者单位: 1University of Limerick
2Loughborough University
刊名: International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 2017, Vol.27 (4), pp.595-609
来源数据库: Springer Nature Journal
DOI: 10.1007/s10798-016-9365-0
关键词: Product DesignDesign educationCollaborationDesign process
原始语种摘要: The paradigm of design is changing. Designers now need to be equipped with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to participate in the global move towards a sustainable future. The challenges arise as Design for Sustainability deals with very complex and often contradictory issues. Collaborative learning experiences recognise that these complex issues can be addressed with the pooling of diverse knowledge, perspectives, cultures, skills and tools. Unless, however the process of collaboration is explored in detail, the opportunity for reflection, learning and improvement is lost. This paper proposes that by introducing and analysing collaboration within third level design education, the capacity for responsible design practice can be developed, leading to a transformative shift in...
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  • sustainable 能保持一定速度的
  • design 设计
  • learning 学识
  • education 培养
  • pooling 并批
  • opportunity 机会
  • process 过程
  • contradictory 矛盾
  • practice 实践
  • collaborative 合作的