miRNAs involved in the development and differentiation of fertile and sterile flowers in Viburnum macrocephalum f. keteleeri
作者: Weixing LiZhichong HeLi ZhangZhaogeng LuJing XuJiawen CuiLi WangBiao Jin
作者单位: 1College of Horticulture and Plant Protection, Yangzhou University
刊名: BMC Genomics, 2017, Vol.18 (1)
来源数据库: Springer Nature Journal
DOI: 10.1186/s12864-017-4180-x
关键词: Viburnum macrocephalum f. keteleeriMiRNA profilingFertile and sterile flowersFlower differentiation and development
原始语种摘要: Sterile and fertile flowers are important evolutionary developmental phenotypes in angiosperm flowers. The development of floral organs, critical in angiosperm reproduction, is regulated by microRNAs (miRNAs). However, the mechanisms underpinning the miRNA regulation of the differentiation and development of sterile and fertile flowers remain unclear.
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  • 重要的 进化
  • flowers 
  • sterile 无生殖力的
  • development 开发
  • fertile 肥沃的
  • angiosperm 被子植物
  • organs 男生殖器
  • underpinning 加固基础
  • floral 花的
  • evolutionary 进化
  • important 进化