Seeking to understand lived experiences of personal recovery in personality disorder in community and forensic settings – a qualitative methods investigation
作者: Andrew ShepherdCaroline SandersJenny Shaw
作者单位: 1University of Manchester
刊名: BMC Psychiatry, 2017, Vol.17 (1)
来源数据库: Springer Nature Journal
DOI: 10.1186/s12888-017-1442-8
关键词: Personal recoveryPersonality disorderQualitative research
原始语种摘要: Understandings of personal recovery have emerged as an alternative framework to traditional ideas of clinical progression, or symptom remission, in clinical practice. Most research in this field has focussed on the experience of individuals suffering with psychotic disorders and little research has been conducted to explore the experience of individuals with a personality disorder diagnosis, despite the high prevalence of such difficulties. The nature of the personality disorder diagnosis, together with high prevalence rates in forensic settings, renders the understanding of recovery in these contexts particularly problematic. The current study seeks to map out pertinent themes relating to the recovery process in personality disorder as described by individuals accessing care in either...
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  • disorder 无序
  • personality 人格
  • recovery 回收
  • forensic 法庭
  • community 群落
  • either 任何
  • understand 理解
  • diagnosis 特镇述
  • practice 实践
  • qualitative 质的