Structure and urease inhibitory activity of copper(II) complex with ( E )-3-(2,3-dihydrobenzo[b][1,4]dioxin-6-yl)acrylic acid
作者: X.-F. ChenC.-F. WangS. KongC. LiX. ZhouC.-Y. ZhangG.-H. ShengH.-L. Zhu
作者单位: 1Shandong University of Technology
刊名: Journal of Structural Chemistry, 2017, Vol.58 (4), pp.797-803
来源数据库: Springer Nature Journal
DOI: 10.1134/S0022476617040229
关键词: Caffeic acidCopper(II) complexCrystal structureUrease inhibitory
原始语种摘要: A new caffeic acid derivative (( E )-3-(2,3-dihydrobenzo[b][1,4]dioxin-6-yl)acrylic acid, HL1)) is synthesized from caffeic acid, followed by the preparation of a Cu(II) complex, [Cu2(L1)4DMSO2]·2DMSO. The structure is determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction, and the urease inhibitory activity of the complex is studied. The results show that IC50 of the complex is 0.56 μmol/L, which is superior to positive control acetohydroxamic acid (AHA, IC50 was 10.95 μmol/l), i.e., the complex has strong inhibitory activity towards urease.
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  • complex 超群
  • II Interactive Interface
  • inhibitory 禁止的
  • urease 尿素酶
  • activity 活度
  • acrylic 丙烯酸的
  • caffeic 咖啡的
  • diffraction 衍射
  • dioxin 二恶英
  • derivative 衍生物