Neutronics physics analysis of a large fluoride-salt-cooled solid-fuel fast reactor with Th-based fuel
作者: Yu PengGui-Feng ZhuYang ZouSi-Jia LiuHong-Jie Xu
作者单位: 1Chinese Academy of Sciences
2University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
刊名: Nuclear Science and Techniques, 2017, Vol.28 (11)
来源数据库: Springer Nature Journal
DOI: 10.1007/s41365-017-0321-9
关键词: Fluoride saltsThorium cycleFast reactorCore characteristicsEquilibrium
原始语种摘要: Fast reactors based on thorium fuel have enhanced inherent safety. Fluoride salt performs well as a coolant in high-temperature nuclear systems. In this paper, we present a reference core for a large fluoride-salt-cooled solid-fuel fast reactor (LSFR) using thorium–uranium fuel cycle. Neutronics physics of the LSFR reference core is investigated with 2D and 3D in-core fuel management strategy. The design parameters analyzed include the fuel volume fraction, power density level and continuous removal of fission products with 3D fuel shuffling that obtains better equilibrium core performance than 2D shuffling. A self-sustained core is achieved for all cases, and the core of 60% fuel volume fraction at 50 MW/m3 power density is of the best breeding performance (average breeding...
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  • reactor 反应器
  • solid 固体
  • thorium 
  • based 基于
  • removal 消去
  • fluoride 氟化物
  • large 大的
  • initial 开首字母
  • achieved 获得的
  • strategy 战略