Cretaceous–Cenozoic tectonic history of the Jiaojia Fault and gold mineralization in the Jiaodong Peninsula, China: constraints from zircon U–Pb, illite K–Ar, and apatite fission track thermochronometry
作者: Jun DengChangming WangLeon BagasEmmanuel John M. CarranzaYongjun Lu
作者单位: 1China University of Geosciences
2University of Western Australia
3James Cook University
刊名: Mineralium Deposita, 2015, Vol.50 (8), pp.987-1006
来源数据库: Springer Nature Journal
DOI: 10.1007/s00126-015-0584-1
关键词: Zircon U–Pb datingApatite fission trackIllite K–Ar ageTectonic implicationsJiaojia FaultTan-Lu FaultJiaodong Peninsula
英文摘要: Abstract(#br)The Jiaojia Fault (JJF) in the Jiaodong area of eastern China is an important NNE-trending structure that is subsidiary to the regional Tancheng–Lujiang (Tan-Lu) Fault Zone, and hosts >1200 t of gold reserves contained in disseminated and stockwork ore, dominantly in the footwall of the fault. We present new zircon U–Pb, apatite fission track, and illite K–Ar data along the JJF and have delineated its tectonic history focusing on its formation and reactivation. Zircon U–Pb dating shows that the Shangzhuang granite is a composite body with ages between 132 ± 1 and 127 ± 1 Ma. Illite K–Ar ages for the fault’s gouge range from 83 ± 2 to 68 ± 2 Ma, and the measured apatite fission track ages for ores are between 55 and 21 Ma. Previous zircon U–Pb geochronology and structural...
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  •  plumbum[化]铅
  • Cretaceous 白垩纪
  • zircon 锆石
  • tectonic 构造的
  • Pb plumbum[化]铅
  • Ar plumbum[化]铅
  • history 历史
  • constraints 系统规定参数
  • China 中国
  • apatite 磷灰石
  • Cenozoic 新生代