Clasped position for measurement of sagittal spinal alignment
作者: Hidekazu SuzukiKenji EndoJun MizuochiHiroto KobayashiHidetoshi TanakaKengo Yamamoto
作者单位: 1Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Tokyo Medical University
刊名: European Spine Journal, 2020, Vol.19 (5), pp.782-786
来源数据库: Springer Journal
DOI: 10.1007/s00586-010-1352-7
关键词: Sagittal spinal alignmentArm positionSagittal vertical axisClasped position
英文摘要: Abstract(#br)Lateral whole-spine radiography is a useful tool in the management of spinal deformity, but the most appropriate arm position during radiography has yet to be determined. In this prospective study, we evaluated 26 adult volunteers and 22 patients with lumbar spinal canal stenosis. Lateral whole-spine radiographs were acquired in the most stable and relaxed position while the subjects were standing with their arms extended and their hand gently clasped in front of the trunk (clasped position). The following parameters were measured: sagittal vertical axis (SVA), lumbar lordotic angle (LLA), pelvic angle (PA), pelvic lordosis angle (PRS1), pelvic tilt (PT), and pelvic incidence (PI). The reliability of measurements was assessed by interclass correlation coefficients. The SVA...
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  • measurement 测量
  • position 位置
  • alignment 定位
  • spinal 脊柱的
  • sagittal 箭头状的