The Badenian parastratotype at ?idlochovice from the perspective of the multiproxy study
作者: Nela DolákováKatarína HolcováSlavomír NehybaŠrka HladilováRostislav BrzobohatýKamil ZágoršekJuraj HrabovskýMichal SekoTorsten Utescher
刊名: Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Abhandlungen, 2014, Vol.271 (2), pp.169-201
来源数据库: Schweizerbart Journal
DOI: 10.1127/0077-7749/2014/0383
关键词: badenianclimatemultiproxy quantitative analysispalaeoecologyparastratotype
英文摘要: Two shallow boreholes were drilled in 2010 into the Badenian (Langhian) parastratotype at ?idlochovice (Carpathian Foredeep, NN5 Zone, Czech Republic). Their profiles (26 m of sediment) were studied comprehensively (sedimentology, palaeontology ? calcareous nannoplankton,red algae, palynology, Foraminifera, Bryozoa, Brachiopoda, Ostracoda, Mollusca, Teleostei and Elasmobranchii). The sedimentary succesion was biostratigraphically correlated with the NN5 Zone (14.9-13.9 Ma), namely with the initial time of the Middle Miocene Climatic Transition. Seven lithofaciesrepresenting multiple alternations of mudstone, sandstone and limestone facies were recognised within sedimentary succession. Fossils generally indicated a normal marine, warm to subtropical environment. The generally shallowing...
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