Graphene Oxide-Based Homogeneous Fluorescence Sensor for Multiplex Determination of Various Targets by a Multifunctional Aptamer
作者: Xia ChenHuina ZhouNiu ZhaiPingping LiuQiansi ChenLifeng JinQingxia Zheng
作者单位: 1National Center for Tobacco Gene Research , Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute of China National Tobacco Corporation , Zhengzhou , China
刊名: Analytical Letters, 2015, Vol.48 (12), pp.1892-1906
来源数据库: Taylor & Francis Journal
DOI: 10.1080/00032719.2015.1004578
关键词: FluorescenceGraphene oxideMultiplex detection
原始语种摘要: A sensitive and selective fluorescent aptasensor for the determination of metal ions, small molecules, sequence-specific DNA, and proteins was fabricated. The analytical approach was based on target-induced conformational changes of the probe and the self-assembled probe-graphene oxide architecture. The probe employed fluorescence “on/off” switching in a single step in solution. This approach was simple to prepare and had little background with good sensitivity and rapid response. In the absence of targets, the probe adsorbed on the surface of graphene oxide through π–π stacking and quenched fluorescence of the probe. Upon the addition of analyte, the random coil of the probe bonded to the targets, reducing the interaction between the probe and graphene oxide, which disrupted the energy...
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