Approximate controllability of fractional stochastic differential inclusions with nonlocal conditions
作者: R. SakthivelYong RenAmar DebboucheN.I. Mahmudov
作者单位: 1Department of Mathematics , Sungkyunkwan University , Suwon , 440-746 South Korea .
2Department of Mathematics , Anhui Normal University , Wuhu , 241000 China .
3Department of Mathematics , Guelma University , Guelma , Algeria .
4Department of Mathematics , Eastern Mediterranean University , Gazimagusa , Mersin 10 Turkey .
刊名: Applicable Analysis, 2016, Vol.95 (11), pp.2361-2382
来源数据库: Taylor & Francis Journal
DOI: 10.1080/00036811.2015.1090562
关键词: Approximate controllabilityFractional calculusStochastic differential inclusionsInfinite delayMultivalued maps
原始语种摘要: In this paper, we investigate the approximate controllability of fractional stochastic differential inclusions with nonlocal conditions. In particular, we obtain a new set of sufficient conditions for the approximate controllability of nonlinear fractional stochastic differential inclusions under the assumption that the corresponding linear system is approximately controllable. In addition, we establish the approximate controllability results for the fractional stochastic control system with infinite delay. The results are obtained with the help of the fixed-point theorem for multivalued operators and fractional calculus. Also, two examples are provided to illustrate the obtained theory.
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  • stochastic 随机的
  • fractional 分级的
  • controllable 可控制的
  • conditions 条件式
  • differential 差动的
  • calculus 结石
  • approximate 近似的
  • system 
  • particular 细致的
  • establish 建立