Corneal Involvement by Lichen Planus Pigmentosus
作者: SoleimaniTabatabaeiMirshahiNozarianMatini
作者单位: 1Farabi Eye Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Sciences , Tehran , Iran
2Shahid Beheshti Hospital, Kashan University of Medical Sciences , Kashan , Iran
刊名: Ocular Immunology and Inflammation, 2018, Vol.26 (6), pp.897-899
来源数据库: Taylor & Francis Journal
DOI: 10.1080/09273948.2017.1279639
关键词: Lichen planusLichen planus pigmentosusOcular involvement
原始语种摘要: ABSTRACT(#br) Importance : Lichen planus pigmentosus (LPP) is an exclusive form of lichen planus (LP) characterized by pigmentary incontinence in histopathologic slides.(#br) Observations : We report a known case of LPP with ocular manifestations including pigmented eyelid margins and conjunctival and corneal pigmented lesions. Histopathologic and confocal scanning findings of these lesions were compatible with the diagnosis of underlying systemic disease.(#br) Conclusions and Relevance : To our knowledge, we report the first case of cornea directly involved by LP and ophthalmic presentations of LPP.
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  • planus 平的
  • pigmentosus 色素的
  • conjunctival 结膜的
  • lichen 地衣植物
  • cornea 角膜
  • ophthalmic 眼的
  • eyelid 
  • pigmented 着色的
  • incontinence 失禁
  • findings 结论