Porphyry Cu fertility of the Loch Lilly-Kars Belt, Western New South Wales, Australia
作者: B. BaatarL. A. Parra-AvilaM. L. FiorentiniP. PolitoA. J. Crawford
作者单位: 1Centre for Exploration Targeting, School of Earth Sciences , The University of Western Australia , Perth , WA , 6009 , Australia
2;ARC Centre of Excellence for Core to Crust Fluid Systems, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences , Macquarie University , NSW , 2109 , Australia
3;San Antonio Exploration , Churchlands , WA , 6018 , Australia
4;Centre for Ore Deposits and Earth Sciences (CODES) , University of Tasmania , Hobart , Tasmania , 7001 , Australia
刊名: Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 2020, Vol.67 (1), pp.75-87
来源数据库: Taylor & Francis Journal
DOI: 10.1080/08120099.2019.1637937
关键词: Zircon trace elementsU–Pb geochronologyO isotopesPorphyry Cu mineralisationLoch Lilly-Kars BeltNew South Wales
原始语种摘要: Abstract(#br)This study investigates the prospectivity for porphyry Cu mineralisation of the early Paleozoic Loch Lilly-Kars Belt, which follows the southern margin of the Paleoproterozoic Broken Hill (Willyama) Inlier in western New South Wales, Australia. The belt is thought to have resulted from the 515–510 Ma collision of a volcanic passive margin and an intra-oceanic island arc above a west-dipping subduction zone, with subsequent post-collisional magmatism. To identify fertility signals of selected magmatic intrusive rocks, we combined whole-rock analyses with in-situ zircon trace-element and isotopic measurements. Data reveal that both Cambrian ( ca 496 Ma) and Devonian ( ca 393 Ma) intrusive suites are present in the Loch Lilly-Kars Belt. Cambrian dioritic rocks are largely...
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  • Australia 澳大利亚
  • mineralisation 矿化作用
  • geochronology 地质年代学
  • porphyry 斑岩
  • Cambrian 寒武纪的
  • intrusive 贯入体
  • fertility 肥度
  • magmatism 岩浆酌
  • subduction 俯冲
  • collisional 碰撞的