Object Lessons: Thinking Gender Variance through Minimalist Sculpture
作者: Gordon Hall
刊名: Art Journal, 2016, Vol.72 (4), pp.46-57
来源数据库: Taylor & Francis Journal
DOI: 10.1080/00043249.2013.10792863
原始语种摘要: What lessons can we learn from objects? Art objects can tell us many things—about their origins, their intended and received meanings, their makers. But what can objects teach us about how to see? About how to see other objects, or bodies, in realms far removed from the museum, gallery, or studio? If it is possible to learn from objects how to see bodies differently, can they teach us to see gender differently, to shift the ways we perceive nonnormative genders? “Object Lessons,” my title here, refers to a methodology in which we might understand our lived experiences of sculptural works as capable of teaching us conceptual frameworks through which to recognize new or different genders, in one another and in ourselves. I propose a strategy for reading a group of Minimalist sculptural...
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