New compounds with incommensurate phases: Cs2CdI4 and Cs2ZnI4
作者: S. V. MelnikovaS. V. Primak
作者单位: 1Kirensky Institute of Physics, Krasnoyarsk, USSR
刊名: Phase Transitions, 1991, Vol.36 (1-4), pp.191-197
来源数据库: Taylor & Francis Journal
DOI: 10.1080/01411599108203439
关键词: Cs2CdI4Cs2ZnI4phase transitionsincommensurate phasebirefringenceNQR spectra
原始语种摘要: In this paper the results of birefringence studies and of optical observations in polarized light in a wide temperature region are presented for crystals Cs2CdI4 and Cs2ZnI4. There is the following sequence of phases: commensurate orthorhombic Pnma ↔ incommensurate ↔ monoclinic ferroelastic P21/n ↔ triclinic ferroelastic PT. A correlation was observed between the peculiarities of birefringence and NQR spectra temperature dependence. An assumption is made, that in Cs2ZnI4 crystal in a broad pre-transition region (T - Ti = 100 K) precursor clusters exist, which manifest themselves as coexistence of NQR spectra of two phases and as deviation of birefringence from the linear temperature dependence (“tail”).
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