Conversational UX Design
副标题: A Practitioner's Guide to the Natural Conversation Framework
作者: Robert MooreRaphael Arar
作者单位: IBM Research-Almaden;;IBM Research-Almaden
英文丛书称: ACM Books
出版社: ACMNY,   2019
ISBN: 978-1-4503-6301-3
来源数据库: Association for Computing Machinery
原始语种摘要: With recent advances in natural language understanding techniques and farfield microphone arrays, natural language interfaces, such as voice assistants and chatbots, are emerging as a popular new way to interact with computers. They have made their way out of the industry research labs and into the pockets, desktops, cars and living rooms of the general public. But although such interfaces recognize bits of natural language, and even voice input, they generally lack conversational competence, or the ability to engage in natural conversation. Today's platforms provide sophisticated tools for analyzing language and retrieving knowledge, but they fail to provide adequate support for modeling interaction. The user experience (UX) designer or software developer must figure out how a human...
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  • conversation 通话
  • language 语言
  • vocabulary 词汇
  • engage 从事
  • recognize 承认
  • actions 对策
  • interaction 相互酌
  • formal 形式的
  • competence 强性
  • knowledge 知识