Atopic Dermatitis and Eczematous Disorders
作者: Donald RudikoffSteven R. CohenNoah Scheinfeld
作者单位: Bronx Lebanon Hospital, Albert Einstein College of Medicine;;Division of Dermatology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine;;Weill Cornell Medical College, New York,
出版社: Manson Publishing Ltd,   2014
ISBN: 9781840761955
来源数据库: Manson Book
原始语种摘要: It is estimated that around 15% of the population suffer from atopic dermatitis or eczematous disorders at some point in their lifetime causing a significant percentage of visits to dermatologists, primary care physicians and allergists. Despite much current research interest pathophysiology and optimum treatment remain uncertain.In Atopic Dermatitis & Eczematous Disorders the authors discuss all clinical and legal aspects of atopic dermatitis and methods of treatment. They cover history and edpidemology, plus the histopathology and etiology of atopic dermatitis and other eczema variants including seborrheic dermatitis, nummular eczema, and stasis dermatitis. Also discussed are exfoliative erythroderma, HIV-related dermatoses, ichthyosis vulgaris, hand dermatitis and immunodeficiency...
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  • eczema 湿疹
  • dermatitis 皮炎
  • ichthyosis 鳞癣
  • erythroderma 红皮病
  • dermatoses 皮肤病
  • nummular 钱币形的
  • atopic 特异反应性的
  • histopathology 组织病理学
  • ophthalmic 眼的
  • etiology 病原学