Enhancing the transmission capability using facts: the Finnish experience
作者: T. RauhalaJ. JyrinsaloH. Kuisti
论文集英文名称: 9th IET International Conference on AC and DC Power Transmission (ACDC 2010)
来源数据库: IET
DOI: 10.1049/cp.2010.0968
关键词: electricity supply industry deregulationflexible AC transmission systemspower system stability
原始语种摘要: The transmission capability of the Finnish transmission network over the main power transfer intersections is restricted by stability limits. Since the deregulation of the electricity markets started in Finland back in 1995, Fingrid as Finnish transmission system owner and operator has actively been improving the transmission capability of the Finnish transmission system in order to minimize the effect of transmission capability limitations on the functioning of the electricity markets. Without building new transmission lines over the main transmission intersections, Fingrid has been able to increase significantly the transmission capability using mainly series compensators and controllable devices but also other structural improvements of transmission network. As the main result of the...
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  • capability 能力
  • transmission 传送
  • Finland 芬兰
  • network 网络
  • controllable 可控制的
  • improving 改进
  • system 
  • respect 珍视
  • Power 鲍尔铅基轴承合金
  • economics 经济学