Isotherm and Kinetics Modeling of Fluoride Removal from Industrial Effluent by Alumina
作者: Z. V. P. MurthyTelu PrabhakarRaj Kumar
刊名: Chemical Product and Process Modeling, 2010, Vol.5 (1)
中文刊名: 化学产品和工艺建模, 2010, Vol.5 (1)
来源数据库: Berkeley Electronic Journal
关键词: adsorptionkineticsisothermfluoridealumina
英文摘要: Fluoride contamination occurs in a wide range of industrial wastewater that has to be regulated from time to time. In the present study, wastewater from a polybutadiene rubber plant of Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited, Vadodara, Gujarat, India with a higher temperature, acidic pH and high level of fluoride concentration is treated with alumina. The contact time between the adsorbent and the adsorbate should be sufficient for the adsorption to be effective. Though synthetic resins have good adsorption capacity for the wastewater, they have some disadvantages; therefore, alumina has been tried. Properties of alumina, such as pH, bulk density, surface area, pore specific volume, and bulk crushing strength, have been found. Adsorption by alumina is found to be favorable. Five...
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